Body Panel Fabrication Part 1

Now that the wire framing has been done and we're happy with the way the body will look it's time to start fabricating the form. The form is merely a life size version of the body panels that will be used to make a mold. (The mold is what produces the bikes body panels) 

All the wire framing on the bike has been measured and put into SolidWorks. This measurement data is used to cut the form with a CNC machine.

The only problem is the faring for the motorcycle is way too complicated to produce in one piece so it must be sculpted one layer at a time.

Pieces of high density urethane foam are shaved into usable pieces on the CNC machine and then glued together using an epoxy.

Once assembled they need sanding to remove the CNC markings.

After sanding a layer of primer is applied. Filler is then applied after the primer to fill any larger gaps. Any imperfection on the surface will translate onto the finished part so it must be sanded again.

A final coat of primer is applied and the surface is then inspected again before the final coat of paint.

This finished form is key to producing a good quality mold from which all parts will be made.

We put together a video of the process on our YouTube page. Please subscribe to see further steps in the process.

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