GT380 Frame Design

An engine like the Suzuki 2 Stroke Triple deserves a frame that will not only benefit the overall handling of the bike, but also help create a look that lends itself to the original concept art by Jeremy Lacy of Downshift Studio.

The one piece tubular design of the frame will be 'easier' to manufacture than a traditional frame while allowing some unique features that only a large tube will provide. The large downtube of the Motoworks Suzuki GT380 will be able to hold petrol within the tube. This will keep the center of gravity a bit lower and will provide a little extra fuel capacity. The T shape of the frame also adds an additional cavity for the 2 stroke oil required by the injection system. It makes the design a much simpler and cleaner looking by integrating these reservoirs into the frame design.

Designing the MotoWorks Suzuki GT380 tubular frame in SolidWorks

A quick cut before finishing the ends to spec.

Some measurements to determine if the part is in spec before welding

Some TIG welds to hold it all together

The MotoWorks Suzuki GT380 tubular frame will hold the entire bike together as well as utilize the tubular design of the frame to hold petrol and oil for the bike.